It is caused by natural human instincts. Everyone subconsciously chooses the easiest resolution. The effect of a turn is going another side od piste. When beginning snowboard adventure, a turn itself is an unstable situation, so shorter turn is more comfortable, safer. Especially for steep slopes. Self-thaught riders, come to the logical conclusion, to minimize the time of instability, so pushes out a tail of a board by a rear leg, "basing on torso inertia". When the tail of the board is lightened by moving the center of weight to the front leg., such a move is possible.
It is the biggest and most difficult to eliminate mistake in alpine snowboarding, which will prevent you from on-edge carving turns.
Look at the picture above. It is not a turning. It is a change of board direction under your body.

It is very often here to bend your body in hips on backside called "toilet seat position" (C) and lean torso inside "turn" and touching snow by rear hand like "gorilla position" (A) sometimes having the head lower than ass...

Such pushing of the board outside causes as disappear of the first phase of a turn. Board track is not part of circle smoothly goes one into another, but parts of discontinuous curves or even straight line.

It prevent us from riding carving on-edge turns

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